Webitems Business Content Management Software, for Today and the Future

Thursday, January 24, 2019

DSBWorldWide has a well-earned reputation for creating beautiful, functional websites. DSBWorldWide’s proprietary suite of web content management software, known as Webitems®, makes it easy for website owners to administer and customize without the need for extensive training or HTML knowledge. Built on Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP), which enables web servers to dynamically generate webpages and create interactive web applications by using server-side scripting technology, Webitems® gives you the freedom to ‘plug-in’ the modules you need for advertising, communications, human resources, ecommerce and so much more.

Microsoft currently supports use of ASP pages with Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) in all supported versions of IIS, as far back as Windows 7. IIS is included in Windows operating systems, so both ASP and IIS support lifetimes are tied to the support lifecycle of the host operating system. Microsoft is committed to supporting the server-side script engine through at least 2022.

DSBWorldWide is continuing to build on its reputation as an innovator in customer-friendly website design and is committed to creating Webitems® Software modules to meet any need for your company's web site. And of course, as the web evolves, WebItems® Software is also evolving. Look for Version 10.0 - coming soon!