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This online food allergen training program provided by Food Allergen Classes covers the fundamental information required to safely serve guests who suffer from food allergies and is intended to educate people working in the food service industry.
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In-Depth Understanding of Food Allergen Safety

Develop a thorough understanding of the effects of food allergens on sensitive individuals, crucial for responsible food service. This knowledge is vital for anyone in the role of preparing, selling, or serving food, ensuring you are equipped to handle dietary restrictions responsibly and safely.

Navigating Legal Compliance and Regulations

Learn to adeptly navigate the complex regulations and laws governing the provision of allergen information and the sale of food products. This course ensures that your operations adhere to legal standards, focusing on the accurate representation of food allergen information, cross-contamination prevention, and the specifics of food safety permits and regulations. Staying informed and compliant is key to operating within the legal framework.

Mastering Responsible Service Techniques

Gain expertise in effective communication methods and strategies for dealing with customers with food allergies and dietary restrictions. This training prioritizes safety and legal compliance in the food industry, helping to maintain a secure and compliant dining environment. Learn the best practices for responsible food service, ensuring a safe and enjoyable dining experience for all customers, including those with food allergies.

Effortless Course Management for Your Team

With the FAC bulk order system you can now purchase Food Allergens Courses for all your staff ensuring that your place of business complies with state law and regulation requirements.

Seamless Code Sharing and Progress Tracking

With our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly distribute and monitor your staff's access codes, keep track of their course progress, and easily access their certificates. This level of control ensures compliance is maintained efficiently.

On-Demand Certificate Access

Download and print your staff's certificates whenever you need them. This feature offers the flexibility you require to keep up with your business demands and compliance requirements.

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