New Year’s Confessions. Yes, I ate that chocolate bar

​It’s the first half of January. How many of us made a New Year’s Resolution?​

​Statistics say that as many as 45% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution. But only 8% of us keep them.

What’s the number 1 New Year’s Resolution? You guessed it- to lose weight.

Well that’s cheery news.

But wait.

Even if we can’t resist that chocolate bar, we can do something that will make us feel better than a candy bar. We can call our insurance agent and schedule a review of all of our insurance policies.

We can hear you thinking- “uhm, that is not better than a candy bar.”

OK, maybe it won’t be better than a candy bar. But we can catch up on what happened last year in your life, laugh about funny things that happened and talk seriously about the sad things of life that happen to all of us. We can also make sure that you are covered properly and also not paying more than you need to be paying.

2 Reasons To Review Your Insurance

Reason #1

New discounts, new rules and new laws can change the insurance landscape- and that can affect you for better or worse. It’s our job to know things you don’t know. Stuff changes out there in “insurance-land.” Call us and ask us if any of it affects your coverage or rates.

Reason #2

Life changes mean that insurance needs can change. If you had someone move out of the house or into the house last year (like a new birth!), you need to make sure that your insurance coverage still meets your needs. Did anyone get married or divorced? Did you add an addition to your house last year? How about a pool or a deck? What about the new dog you adopted? Did you get anything valuable for Christmas- and is it properly covered? Call us to ask. We want to hear what’s changed in your life.

We wish you a Happy New Year, and we want you to know how much we appreciate your business.

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