DSB WebItems® Software Evolves

Monday, December 17, 2018

When it comes to your website, a one-size-fits-all mentality simply will not do. You need the ability to quickly, easily, and intuitively customize your site to reflect your company’s mission, products, and personality. That’s where DSBWorldwide’s WebItems® Software suite of interactive business integration modules shines! With WebItems® Software you can administer and customize your web site without the need of extensive training in web design, HTML, or programming.

From its initial module, which was built using Visual Basic 6.0 and introduced in 1999, the WebItems® Software Suite has since evolved to an open source, all web-based application that utilizes a variety of languages and objects to match the needs of the ever-changing world of web design. Now, get ready for WebItems® Software Version 10.0! With more than 68 fully developed WebItems® Modules, including everything from page management to shopping carts, DSBWorldWide is laying building on a firm foundation for even more power and greater end-user functionality.

WebItems® Modules are easy to ‘snap in,’ with a workflow process that is comfortable and intuitive. Now companies can easily manage their online business platform, including website content, client information, users and permissions.

For more information on WebItems® Software and how it can be integrated into your business web site, intranet or extranet, please call DSBWorldWide 903-813-4188 or log on to www.WebItemsPro.com.  The new www.WebItemsSoftware.com site is under development and will be ready to launch soon!